What’s New

    1. The law firm of Flaherty McCarthy LLP has commenced a proposed Class Proceeding against Dr. Vincent Nadon, the University of Ottawa and several other legal entities.  The proposed Class seeks more than $100 million dollars in damages for acts of voyeurism and sexual assault perpetrated by Dr. Nadon over a number of years, in the context of him providing medical services.  The proposed Class seeks a declaration that the University of Ottawa and other legal entities are legally responsible and liable for the acts of Dr. Nadon, and required to pay damages for same.
    2.  A copy of the Statement of Claim can be provided upon request.
    3. At this point, the matter is a proposed class proceeding. As a class member, you do not have to do anything more to be involved in this lawsuit. You will be a member of the class until you are given the opportunity to opt out, which will be your choice.
    4. We recently brought a Motion seeking production of records held by the Ottawa Police Service and the Ministry of the Attorney General.  The Honourable Justice MacLeod has Ordered the production of the requested records.  However, Class Members are kindly asked to complete and return to Class Counsel a Consent to release records pertinent to the offences as against them and contained in the records.  The Consent should be returned to Candace Mak at Flaherty McCarthy LLP, 95 Wellington Street West, Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M5J 2N7.